Preparing Your Property for Real Estate Photos

Please do not schedule your photo shoot at times when there will be gardeners, trash collectors, housekeepers, or utility/maintenance people working.


  • Remove clutter from bookshelves, fireplace, mantles, coffee tables, bedrooms, play areas, kitchen, and anywhere else photographs will be taken.
  • Remove personal or family photographs.
  • Open all window coverings to make rooms appear brighter and larger.
  • Turn on all lights and replace any burned out bulbs.
  • Conceal garbage and recycling containers.
  • Declutter kitchen counter tops and remove all pictures, magnets, etc. from refrigerator.
  • Keep floor coverings to a minimum.
  • Remove table coverings.
  • Remove all signs of pests, including food/water bowls, pet beds, chew toys, etc.
  • Declutter bathroom countertops, lower toilet lids, and put out nice towels.
  • Empty shower or tub of soaps, shampoos, shaving items, etc.
  • Hide valuables and medications.


  • Conceal all trash, yard waste, and recycle bins.
  • Move vehicles out of driveways. If possible do not park vehicles directly in front of property.
  • Make sure hedges, shrubs, lawn, etc. are neat & trimmed, and that leaves are raked.
  • Conceal gardening tools, mowers, etc. and remove or coil hoses.
  • Remove childrens' toys and/or pet toys.
  • Opent patio umbrellas and set out cushions
  • Clean up all dog feces (Photographer will be walking through yard to get various shots)